Frequently Asked questions


How do I become a member?

See applications and guidelines found in the application section of our website.

How do I become an Honorary Member?

Honorary membership can be granted only through a chapter and by the Chapter Advisor.

Why must application for membership be signed by Chapter Advisor?

The Chapter Advisor must verify student credentials, total courses taken, and GPA prior to Headquarters considering the membership application.

How do I become an Alumnus?

All collegiate members become Alumni after graduation. If you are not a collegiate member, you cannot become an Alumnus.

How do I become a professional member?

You must have a degree in Criminal Justice, have met the criteria for collegiate membership, and graduated from a university that did not have an Alpha Phi Sigma Chapter. You must also have 2 or more years as a practitioner in the field of Criminal Justice. See professional membership application and guidelines for professional membership found on our website.

I am an Alumnus, and I want to be active.

Alumni can join an Alumni Circle in their area (see Alumni Circle application in the application section). Alumni can also contribute time and knowledge to the chapter at their university or any chapter at a university nearby. For a list of chapters see the chapter directory found on our website.

My chapter has chapter dues. Do I have to pay those?

The Alpha Phi Sigma onetime membership fee is $70. Chapters may require semester or annual dues to be paid directly to the chapter. All chapter requirements must be met for the Advisor to sign the membership application.

The chapter at my university does not have a Chapter Advisor.

Membership and Honor Regalia purchases must be processed through an active chapter. If your school has no APS Chapter or is inactive, you may speak to a department dean or chair about chartering/activating an APS Chapter. Please see charter application or reactivation application on the application section of this website.

Can I become a member if my school doesn’t have a chapter?

No. The school must have a chapter. A student may ask the department to charter an Alpha Phi Sigma chapter at the school. See charter application in the applications section of our website.

Can I purchase honor regalia directly from Alpha Phi Sigma?

No.  Honor regalia must be purchased by the student through the Chapter Advisor only.